“Sie hat ihre eigene Stimme gefunden und schlägt mit der Reife und Sinnlichkeit ihres Gitarrenspiels in den Bann“.

Konstantin Vassiliev (international acclaimed composer, Russia)

”Characterful, lively playing, with color, expression, passion and drive.”

David Leisner (guitarist and composer, NY)

“Katrin’s playing exhibits a depth of musical understanding and sensitivity that makes one straighten up in one’s chair and listen. What unfolds as she plays is often magical. She pays great detail to the musical line and to the quality of sound. When Katrin plays she exudes a joy and love of the music she is playing.”

Prof. Benjamin Verdery (guitarist and composer, NY)

“It is easy to cause grief and suffering; to create joy on an equal scale is terribly difficult. Music as yours makes it possible..”

Steve Kohn (Alabama, USA)