New ensemble project in Switzerland

In May this year we moved back to my partners home town Bern and I was fortunate enough to meet three lovely guitarists from Bern and form a quartet. Voilà! Marc Wagner, Markus Graf and Matthias Aufschläger are three distinguished guitarists and pedagogues in institutions such as the “NMS” (Pedagogy University of Bern) and public music schools. We have been working on a repertoire originally written for four guitars from composers such as Cuban born Leo Brouwer and Spanish composers Federico Torroba and Manuel de Falla. Most of our repertoire, however, are arrangements of string quartets, orchestra scores or baroque ensembles.

I feel it’s the best way to connect with a new city and find new friends when having the opportunity to play together. Swiss German is not an easy nut for someone from Berlin like me, however these guys are great teachers and even if I’m not getting every word they say, there is still music!

Stay tuned for our upcoming performances in Bern and around!